Simple solution to get rid of Mangal Dosh

The simple and surest way of mitigation of Mars dosha is Bhat worship of Mars. According to this, the first Panchag Karma in which Ganeshambika Pujan, Punyaahvachan, Shodash Matrika and Sapta Ghrit Matraka Puja, Nandi Shraddha and Brahmin Puja is performed. Mangal Strata is recited after taking a bath with cannabis. Because of being in Shiva form. There is also recitation of Rudrabhishekaaya Shivamahinastotra. After that, cooked rice kothandak is mixed with panchamrit and offered on Mangleshwar Shivling and adorned with attractive makeup. is. Shodashopchar Pujan Aarti is performed by performing fire worship, Navagraha and Rudra installation. According to scholars, the nature of Mars is warm. Therefore, for the relief of coldness and Mangal Dosh, an offering is made to Lord Mangal Dev. Mangal Doshik Jataka, who is obstructed in marriage, must surely offer prayers in Mangal Nath.

Bhat Puja Ujjain Pandit Vijay Bharti

Bhat Puja Ujjain Pandit Vijay Bharti

What is Mangal Dosh?

लग्ने व्यये च पाताले जामित्रे चाष्टमें कुजे ।
कन्या भर्तु विनाशाय भर्तु कन्या विनश्यिति॥

According to astrological texts, if Mars is situated in the lagna, chart, seventh, eighth and twelfth place of the native's horoscope, then it is considered Mars defect. It has the most effect on the marriage side of the native. Due to Mars dosha, there is hindrance in marriage. There is definitely delay in any way. Even if marriage happens, married life is not happy. Used to be There is a mutual disagreement between the husband and wife and sometimes a divorce situation also arises. People with Mangal Dosh should marry only by matching the magazine so that their married life is happy.