Mangal Dosh

|| Mangal Dosh - Effect and Dosha Prevention Measures ||

Mangal Dosh is an astrological position, which occurs if there are Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses of the Janmangak cycle of Vedic astrology. The person born in such a situation is called Manglik. This situation is considered extremely destructive for marriage. Tension in relationships, inconvenience and loss of work and untimely death of a person is considered to be due to Mars. Mars is pleased by Mars worship, and its destructive effects are controlled, and positive effects are enhanced. is

MangalDosh Ujjain

Basically, this planet shows harmful effects, but through the process of worship, it can be freed from harmful effects. By wearing red cloth, we can reduce the effect of Mars. It is believed in the Indian astrological scriptures that there are many defects in the marriage or lagna of a person affected by Mangal Dosh, which can also have fatal consequences, including the premature death of a life partner, so here it is believed that one Manglik should marry another Manglik. Here it is assumed that if both the groom and the bridegroom are Manglik, then their faults are cut off from each other and they lead a successful married life. However, in Indian astrological scriptures, measures have also been given to get rid of Mangal Dosh, by doing which Manglik can get rid of Mangal Dosh and marry a person who is Mangalik and can lead a happy life.


A person suffering from Mangal Dosh is called Manglik. Therefore, if a person says that he is Manglik, it means there is a Mars defect in his horoscope. This is considered an unusual situation, because a person suffering from this defect has to go through a lot of difficulties in life. Some remedies have been given in astrology scriptures to get rid of this situation, which include special worship, chanting mantras, gems and donations etc. Mangal Dosh can be solved by studying the horoscope of a manlike person.

!! Planet Mars !!

|| Astrological outlook ||

According to astrology, there are four arms of Mars. The cries of his body are red and his hands have Abhay Mudra, Trishul, Mace and Vara Mudra. They are wearing red garlands and red clothes. They have a golden crown on their forehead and this is the voice of Aries (Mendha) there. In astrology, Mars is considered a cruel planet, which means red like fire, hence it is also called angaraka. He is of independent nature and loves discipline. The Jats affected by this planet are the Chiefs or Ambassadors etc. or work in high positions. They have special leadership power. They are fearless, can take any kind of risk. Players, Air Force, Army, Navy President and high-profile politicians are considered influenced by Mars. Mars is also known by the name of Bhoom, Kuj etc. In the Navagrahas, Mars is called the commander. Physically Mars affected people are healthy and medium in length. The waist is thin, the chest is wide, the hair is curly and the eyes are red. It is sharp on their face. Mars is the lord of Aries and Taurus.

Mars is also owned by Mrigashira, Chitra and Ganda Nakshatra. Mars is the third and the causative planet of the best house. Cancer and Leo are considered to be special factors in the ascendant horoscope, and in the horoscope of Gemini and Virgo Ascendant, they become special non-planets. Mars is high in Capricorn and low in Cancer. In the horoscope, the house in which Mars is situated, strengthens the work related to that house according to its position. Auspicious Mars, Mars and Mars are inauspicious. Mars is the causal planet of power, courage, anger, war, accident, conspiracy, diseases, controversy, land-related work etc. Mars represents copper, minerals, gold, coral, weapons, land etc. Mangal is a symbol of veins and arteries rupture, bone marrow disease, bleeding, miscarriage, menstrual irregularities, gonorrhea, arthritis and accident and burns. Inauspicious Mars becomes inauspicious. Due to which the native becomes a terrorist, abuser, conspirator and rebel. Due to the cruelty of Mars, it is necessary to match Mars in the bride's bride's horoscope. In order to have a happy married life, the position of Mars in the horoscope of both the bride and groom should be matched and Mars must be peaceful. There is also a law to worship Shiva and wear coral jewels for the peace of Mars.

Mangal Puja: ॐ Bhumaye Namah:

Pooja, means devotion and reverence. The word Pooja is thought to be derived from 'Pu-Jai' or Pooja, now the term Pooja is used to dedicate all forms of worship such as simple daily offerings to fruits, flowers, leaves, rice sweets, to temples and homes to the deities. There are three types of worship: "long", "middle" and "short". The worship is not only in the temples, but mostly in the houses, the program of days is started with the worship of God. The purpose of Jagran / Bhajan / Kirtan / Ramayana or study of scriptures / worship rituals is to establish spiritual forces around us. The purpose of Mangal Puja ritual is to remove obstacles. Which is obtained by chanting. Through special worship we can get rid of malefic force, happiness, peace and prosperity. We can increase profits by doing spiritual practice to create positive vibrations in starting new ventures, to remove obstacles at home, jobs, business, for speedy recovery, to enhance leadership skills. Common methods include meditation, chanting mantra, peace, prayer. Fasting or chanting the name of God, donating. This can be done by wishing. Mangal Puja is dedicated to Mars. Mangal Shanti Puja is beneficial for relief from debt, poverty and skin problems. To be capable of the result of these actions, we need to perform Mangal Puja to assimilate the energy applied by deeper spiritual worship.

MangalDosh Ujjain

Mangal Dosh Mitigation

!! Bhat Puja !!

The simple and surest way of mitigation of Mars defect is the worship of Mars. According to which the first Panchang Karma in which Ganeshambika Pujan, Punyahavachan, Shodash Matruka Pujan, Nandi Shradh and Brahman Pujan are performed. After that, after bathing Lord Mangal Dev with milk, curd, ghee, honey, sugar, ashtagandha, perfume and hemp, Mangal Strot is recited. Being in the form of Shiva, recites Rudrabhishek or Shivamahin Stroth. After that, cooked rice is cooled and mixed with panchamrit and offered to Mangleshwar Shivalinga and attractive makeup is done. Shodashopchar Pujan Aarti is performed by performing fire installation, Navagraha and Rudra installation. According to scholars, the nature of Mars is warm. Therefore, for the relief of coldness and Mangal Dosha, an offering is offered to Lord Mangaldev. A person with Mars defect should be worshiped in Mangalnath, whose marriage is getting hampered.